Bird Routine

I know it is noon for from the dark summer shade of a Tamarind tree next door the Koel rings the alarm clock. Such creatures of routine are my new found neighbours, this Koel, the hovering Kites, Pigeons and Crows and that raucous Parakeet tribe of 16 and counting.

Each has it’s place. Each it’s time to announce it’s presence.

On days when the tall coconuts swing in the sea’s cool breeze early in the evening the Kites are bound to sway on them sleepily calling out to everyone and no one in particular. The Parakeets love to dangle on wires in clear morning sunshine and sunsets are never complete without their loud conversations like an Italian family at an outdoor lunch table. The crows are the first to inform each other when i fill the water tray.

Surrounded by them I wonder if they are speaking to each other in a language i cannot understand. I always thought the battle of animal survival in the outdoors must inherently be stressful. But studying them I am now also learning the beauty and inner calm that comes from a known order in the repetition of predictable tasks as we all wait out each day in celebration of a new fruit and a cool wind.


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